Tuesday, December 30, 2014

El Fin!!

Sorry I have been slacking on posting Ben's letters the last couple of weeks! I have been busy getting ready for Christmas and counting the moments until he will be home, which is actually 34 hours from now! I just want to say how grateful I am for having such an amazing son who served with all his heart, might, mind, and strength! I am so grateful that he has been a representative of our Savior Jesus Christ! I know that the Gospel he has been teaching is the true Gospel upon the earth and that the Gospel brings true happiness! This is a bittersweet time! It has been such a blessing to our family to have a missionary serving in Ecuador! We have all come to love this country and its people! Thank you to all of you who have suppported Ben through your prayers and letters! He had been protected and watched over! I know there have been angels on his left and his right as he has been about the Lord's work! Here are his last 3 emails and many pictures!


Hola Familia, 

Thank you so much for all of the love and support you have always given me. I am eternally grateful for you and the help you always give me. I am so grateful for the oportunity I have to be here in the mission. I know that it is the Lords work. I love you all so very much!! Anways I will see you guys on Wednesday at 8:00 p.m. Love you all!!!!

Con Mucho Amor, 
Elder Duzett


Hola Familia, 

I hope that everyone has had a wonderful wonderful week. This week has been a pretty good week. We have had a great week. One highlight was that for Christmas we got to go to the temple. It was so awesome to go the temple and to feel of the amazing spirit that is there. It was so awesome to be able to learn and to be able pray. It was awesome. We even got to eat in the temple cafeteria. It was pretty good. It was a great experience. 

This week we are also very excited becasue we are going to have a baptism. Here name is G. She is 86 years old. She is so awesome. She lives right accross the street from the church and has been going to church since the first week we got here when we met her and invited her to church. But she has never wanted to get baptized. She always said she needed years of preparation. We had basically dropped her but we felt like we should go see here one day. We invited her to be baptized and she kept on saying the same as always, ´´´mas después, mas después¨ We told here that there is not really later that she needs to act on her answer now because she has felt the spirit and always goes to church. And then something changed. She say alright lets do it. It was like wow!! It was so awesome. I know that Lord is great and blesses each and everyone of us. I am so happy that we are going to have a baptism this week. It should be an amazing week. We are going to work super hard to find new families in this christmas season. I taught elders quorum yesterday and I taught about how the two ways we can look at christmas. One edifies us and the other does not edify. If we focus on the gospel of Jesus Christ and sharing it with others and the importance of the gospel during Christmas I know that we truly can have some of the most edifying experiences. I know that to be true. I hope that I can do that this Christmas season.

Yesterday was also pretty crazy because it was the Ecuador Soccer Championship. It happened that the two rival teams from Guayaquil met in the championship, first time ever that had happened. It was like BYU and Utah in the national championship but a lot crazier. It was crazy so we had to be inside the house at 6 pm but it was all good. It was a good experience to see more of the culture here. They really do love their fútbol. 

Well I love all of you so very much. I am very excited to talk to you guys. I will be skyping around 1:15 pm here (don´t know what time it is there) Christmas day the 25th. So that should be great. Well I love you all so much and have a wonderful wondeful week!!

Con Mucho Amor, 
Elder Duzett


Hola Familia, 

Okkkkkkkk!!! Nope did not know that!!! That is very soon. But I will have to just make the very best of these last couple of weeks. This week was pretty great. We are going to have a baptism on saturday of a young man named Israel. He is pretty cool. He is 16 and like one fo the best friends of a member in the ward. We are praying that everything will go well with him. This week we have made some progress with La esposa de Luis. I am praying so hard to be able to have that batpism before leaving. We need to work hard hard hard to acomplish it but I know that we can see that miracle. Well sorry my letter is not very long because I am going to write my testimony but we will talk next week! 

Les Amo, 
Gracias por todo lo que siempre hacen por mi. Son los mejores. Siento tan agradecido por tener una familia tan especial como ustedes!! Me han ayudado mucho mucho en estos años.!!!

Con mucho Amor, 
Elder Duzett

P.S 13th in the nation! that is sweet!

From Cuenca where Ali was this summer!

The orphanage where Ali was this summer!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A Baptism!!

Hola Familia, 

Muchas gracias por sus correos. Estoy muy agradecidos a ustedes y por todo lo que hacen por mi. Esta semana fue muy especial por que tuve algunos experiencias especiales. Uno fue el bautismo de Luisa. Fue un servicio bautismal muy especial en lo cual pude sentir el espíritu. Luisa estaba muy muy feliz y emocionada en su bautismo. Ella es muy obediente cual es excelente. Ella quiere ir a la misión. Ella será un gran misionera. Su papa Luis esta progresando. Estamos cerca. Solo tiene que casarse y esta cerca. Un poco mas trabajo y muchos oraciones por su esposa y todo saldrá bien. Esperemos ver esto progreso en este semana. 

También el sabado tuvimos un devocional navideño hecho por la mision en lo cual cantamos 2 canciones y hubo un coro de misioneros en lo cual estaba hermana whitmore y hermana muri. Fue muy especial y el espiritu fue muy especial. Estoy muy agradecido por la oportunidad que tengo para poder recordar de Jesucristo en esta año. Yo se que Jesucristo vive y que el es nuestro salvador. Espero que puedo ser un mejor discípulo de Jesucristo esta ultimo mes. Espero dar todo lo que puedo en esta ultima mes. 

First Paragraph Translation by Dad

Thank you very much for your letters.  I am very grateful to all of you and for all that you do for me.  This week was very special because we had some special experiences.  One was the baptism of Luisa.  It was a very special baptismal service.  She is very obedient which is excellent.  She wants to go on a mission.  She will be a great missionary.  Her dad Luis is progressing.  We are close.  He only needs to get married and it is close.  A little more work and a lot of prayers for his wife and all will be well.  We hope to see this progress this week.  Last Saturday, we also had a Christmas devotional done by the mission where we sang two songs and there was a chorus of missionaries including Sister Whitmore and Sister Murri.  It was very special.  I am very grateful for the opportunity that I have to be able to testify of Jesus Christ this year.  I know that Jesus Christ lives and that he is our Savior.  I hope that I can be a better disciple of Jesus Christ during this last month.  I hope to do all that I can in this last month.

Well family I am so grateful for all that you guys do for me. Sorry for writing in Spanish. It is a little bit harder to write in English so sorry. Dad you will have to translate. Well it sounds like you guys had a great week. I hope you have a great week. Still don´t know if we will skype or call but when I know i will let you guys know. Well I love you all so much. Have a wonderful wonderful week. 

Con Mucho mucho Amor,

Elder Duzett

1. Bautismo de Luisa

2. Familia de Luisa

3. My cooking of Patacones!!

Charity, Obedience, Faith, Diligence, Humility

Bonus Pictures!


Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Hot Dogs For Thanksgiving?!!

Hola Familia, 
Sorry I do not have much time this week because today I had a temple recomend interview with Presidente Torres because my recomend expires this month. It was a great interview. It is always so great to get to talk to Presidente Torres. He is such a great man. I am so very grateful for the oportunity that I have had to be here in this wonderful mission. This week we are very excited to have the baptism of hermana L T. The daughter of L.
Thanksgiving we had both of our dinner appointments fall through but one of them had us over on saturday to eat turkey!! And a great fruit salad!! It was so great!! For thanksgiving I had to cook because we did not have lunch so I cooked hotdogs!! It was pretty great!!!! It really has been a great week! I am very happy and excited to keep working this Christmas season here in the mission field. We are excited to have a Christmas devocional that the mission is doing on saturday. It should be great!! I am very excited to be able to bring investigators so that they can really feel the Christmas spirit. Especially when people have economic problems I believe that the key to their happiness during Christmas is a real focus on Christ. It will bring the best christmas! I hope we can help our investigators with that happiness. 
Bueno estoy muy agradecido por cada uno de ustedes. Son los mejores!!! Esta semana recibí un paquete!!! Fue lo mejor!! Muchas gracias por los fotos. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ali, Will and Olivia, Son muy muy grandes ahora. Pero se ven muy bien!! Gracias por todo. Les amo bastante!! 

Con Amor, Elder Duzett

He got his Christmas Package

Thanksgiving Dinner?

What a cook!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Hola Familia,

Espero que todos estén muy felices!! Estoy muy feliz trabajando aquí en la misión. There was a rumor that everyone was saying that they were going to send everyone from January home before Christmas so I am so glad that I get a couple more weeks to keep working here in the mission. I am so grateful for the mission and all that it teaches. I am so grateful to be in this sector. We had to families who have invited us for thanksgiving dinner so that should be so awesome. This sector has the best cooks in the mission!! The best!! Yesterday we ate cheese potatoes and bbq sausage with rice and beans!! Fue muy muy rico!! Yesterday we also had our Stake Conference here and Presidente Torres spoke! It was really great. Hermano L T was there with his daughter L. She is getting baptized on the 6th so that should be great!! They loved the conference. Presidente Torres did a great great job. He is a great man. I am so grateful for the chance that I have had to serve in this great great mission. It is wonderful. I am so grateful for my companion and his drive to work. This week we are excited to keep on working. Hopefully we will be able to find a bunch of new families this week. Today I reorganized all of my stuff so that took a lot of time so sorry I don´t have too much time to write today. I will make sure to make more time next week. But tell everyone hi from me and tell Grandma Duzett I will write her next week and sorry I have not written back yet!! And Ali Will and Olivia thank you so much for your great mensajes always!! Sorry don´t know the word for mensajes!! Well I hope you all have a wonderful wonderful week. I love you all so much!!! 
Con Mucho Amor,
Elder Duzett
P.S Capitán Moroni es increible!! Hoy estaba estudiando un poco acerca de el!!
Mamá gracias por las recetas!! 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

God Will Find the Work!!

Hola Familia, 

Thank you all so much for the great emails. I love you all so much and I am so grateful for your wonderful support. Sorry I do not have too much time today because we went to the Mall to buy a couple of things. I had to buy some stuff to shave because my razor decided that it had had enough this week and just went out on me, but it is all good so I baught some razors and shaving cream and all that stuff which is pretty expensive in this country but it is all good. 
This week was a pretty good week. We are seeing some good progress here in the ward. I am so grateful for the oportunity that I have had to serve in this great ward. This week we were able to have 99 in Sacrament meeting which is great for here. So close to 100 but it is all good. Next week we will get it for sure. We were able to have some families in church. Hermano L T went with his daughter L that is going to get baptized on the 6th of December. She is great. She is excited. We had a couple come to church with their five year old daughter which was pretty awesome. Hopefuilly they will keep progressing to their baptism on the13th of december. Well I am so grateful for you guys and all that you do. I hope you all have a wonderful wonderful week. I love you all so much. Thanks for all of you hard work!

Con Mucho Amor,

Elder Duzett

P.S new favorite quote, 
¨Get your tools ready, God will find the work¨

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

2 Months to go and a Picture!!

Hola Familia,

Esta semana fue una semana muy buena! We were very happy to see some progress in some of our investigators. L T came to church and brought his 15 year old daughter. She also really liked church and is praying to receive and answer to join the church as well. Thank you all so much for your prayers regarding Hermano T and his family. I know they were answered. Thank you all for the love and support always. This week we were also able to have another family of 5 come to church. The mom with her 3 kids and the step dad. They are pretty awesome the step dad is from Colombia so that is pretty cool. They have some challenges to overcome but we have been focusing our studies in how to help them overcome their challenges. I pray that the lord will give them strength to overcome the trial of their faith. Today I really enjoyed my personally study. I was studying about the Anti Nefi Lehites. They really had so much faith. They refused to do anything that was not the will of God. Even when Ammon offered to take them to the Nefites to save them they made sure that Ammon asked the Lord if it was what was alright. I thought it was really awesome. I know I can be much better in doing the same in refusing to do anything without asking the Lord if it is alright or if it his will. It reminded me of one of my favorite scriptures which is Alma 37 vs37 which ways we should always ask the Lord in all that we do. I am so grateful for the Book of Mormon. I know that it is true. I know that as we study the Book of Mormon we get the answers to our prayers. I am so grateful for that. I am so grateful to be able to keep reading it the rest of my life. 

Today was also pretty fun. I cleaned a lot of the house which was really great. It was great to do some work with my hands. I have found that working with my hands relieves stress. Then my companion and I made some breakfast burritos for lunch like the ones they have at Hectors. We had chicken and egg and sausages. It was pretty great. Well as far as my travel plans go I talked to the secratary last week and he told me that he does not send the travel plans to the families until one month before the missionary goes home. So you guys should be recieving the plan in about a month or so. They don´t really send the ´´trunky papers´´ anymore. I guess they are a little to trunky. They do send us a paper around two months left so maybe I will get it tomorrow in our distrist meeting. The paper is to finalize your travel plans. I think that is what happens now I am not really sure. Well I am happy to be working here in this great ward. There is a great Hermana that makes wonderful brownies for us all the time!! The best!!! Lo mejor mamita en la mision!! Well I am so grateful for all that you guys do for me!! I love you all so very much. 

Con Mucho Amor, 
Elder Duzett

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Lessons Learned

Hola Familia,
  I hope that everyone is just great! This week was pretty great! We were able to see some success here in our sector. We were able to have an experience that was pretty awesome! It started last week when we decided to talk to a man on the street. His name is L T. He lives with his wife and kids. He is 54 years old. He seemed kind of interested so we got an appointment. We then could not find his house but this last week we saw him outside his house and we made another appointment for the next day. When we went the next day he invited us in. He explained how he has had problems because he has been out of work for 2 years and he has been pretty sad about that. He had doubt that Heavenly Father was listening to his prayers. We taught about prayer and faith. He was a little bit happier. We gave him a Book of Mormon and after we finished the lesson walking out my companion and I gave him a big hug! Than we made another appointment a couple of days later. When we went back to the second appointment it was awesome. He explained to us how he had been praying and he had felt better in his life. He said he felt something different in his life. He then explained that when we taught him the first time he felt it but he told us that when we gave him a hug he felt that we weren´t just preachers. He felt that we were really sent from Christ. He felt the love of Christ he told us. He told us that he wants to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ and he wants all of his kids grandkids and great grandkids to come to be members of the Church of Jesus Christ. It was a great experience for me and my companion. I know that he could feel the great love in my companion. I am so grateful for him and his great spirit. I testify that if we show real love and charity even the hardest of hearts can change. I am so grateful for what I learned this week from this experience. I also learned that teaching is not just talking, it is showing. I am so grateful for Heavenly Father and for the chance he gave me to have this experience. I know that the Lord listens to peoples prayers and really puts them in the place that need to be at the right time. I love you all so much and I hope you all have a great great week!!
Con Mucho Mucho Amor
Elder Duzett

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Back to Guayquil

Hola Familia!!
First off I am so glad that Ali is feeling better. That is super scary. I am sorry Ali that you had to go through that. Sickness is pretty lame but it gives us more spiritually strength when we can get over our trials. That is the great blessing of this life. The trials are the wind that blows our ship to eternal life! Well I hope all are super great this week. I am glad to hear that everyone is keeping busy. We had a pretty busy week here too.
Zona Huancavilca Part 2! 
I got transferred! I am training another new missionary. He is great! His name is Elder Vincent from Pleasant Grove. He is so amazing! He is so excited to share the gospel with everyone that he sees. We are opening a new sector again. We are in the sectore Perimetral! We are in the Zone Huancavilca. I am right next to Las Malvinas and on the other side Santa Monica! Before there were only 2 missionaries here. We are opening it up to 4. It should be great. I know some of the members here from interchanges from when I was in Malvinas. That should make things a little bit easier. We were happy to have an investigator in church on Sunday named G Mz. She is 86 years old but she is so smart. She is great. She loved church. I am excited to be able to work more here in Guayaquil. Hopefuly I can do a much better job this time. I was a little bit sad to leave Guabo to come here but I know that I should not complain. I know that there are great people here that are prepared to listen to the gospel. We just have to work really hard and do our best. My companion  has a wondeful spirit and I know peple will be able to feel it. I am very excited to work along side him. Elder W also got changed. Now there are only 4 missionaries in Guabo but I really am so grateful for the time I got to be with Elder W in Guabo but I know that this time here will be even better. I am so grateful for what we can learn here in the mission. I hope that all are wondeful there back home. I love you all so very much. I hope that you all have wondeful weeks. I will be praying so that everything will be great with you guys. Tell Grandma good luck from me and give her a big hug! Well  pretty much out of time but I love you all so much!!
Con Amor
Elder Duzett

Monday, October 20, 2014

Be Grateful for the Wind!!

Hola Familia,
 Espero que todos esten muy muy bien. This week has been a kind of strange week. We have had to do a lot of work with the branch because we had a visit from the stake and they asked to help out with some plans for the missionary work here. We have had to help a lot with the Ward Mision leader to get some great plans established here in the branch that should help the missionary work here in the branch for a while. That is are hope. It did take some time but hopefully this week we will see the fruits. We have some great members here in the branch that are starting to help us a lot more in the work. This week should be a great great week. This week we are excited because we are going to have 2 baptisms on friday. J C T and his mom O A are getting baptized. J C is like 40 he is divorced well seperated because he never really married his wife but he is pretty cool. His ancestors are from Austria, so that is pretty awesome. Hopefully we will be able to find some more great people this week. We have a family that we are trying to help. The familia V M. They have some challenges they need to get over before they get baptized but we are hopeing that we can see those changes over the next couple of weeks. Well I am so grateful for the time I have had here in this great Branch with my great companion. He is great. Tonight are the transfers I think so we will see how they go. It is likely that my companion or I will be transfered but who knows maybe we could just keep on going. That would be pretty sweet. But I know whatever happens is what the lord wants. I was reading an article in the Liahona or Ensign that week that talked about Eter 6 verses 5a8. It talked about how the Lord uses a very strong wind to take the people of Jared to the promised land. This wind caused many trials in there travel but it says that the lord never stopped the wind that led them to the promised land. It then talked about how our trials are like the wind that the lord puts to push us to eternal life. I thought the article was really great. I know that to be true. I know that this gospel is true. I am so grateful for it. I am so grateful for all that you guys do for me. Dad I hope all is well with your travel. I hope all is great. I am praying that everything will go well for everyone. Well I love you all very much and wish you all a great great week!!
 Con mucho Amor
 Elder Benjamin Duzett

Monday, October 13, 2014

El Guabo es Bueno!!

Hola Familia, 

Primeramente Feliz Cumpleaños Mama!!! I hope you had a wonderful wonderful birthday. Sounds like all went great this week. The primary program is awesome. The primary children also sang in sacrament meeting this week, it was awesome. We had a great Sacrament Meeting this week. We broke the Guabo attendance record which was super awesome. We couldn´t make it past 154 but this week we had 185! It was so awesome. We are seeing many less actives come back to church which is really great. The other missoinaries here in Guabo are doing a great great job. I am so grateful that I get to work with them. This week we have had some good investigators that came to church. We have a man named J C. He lived in California like 12 years ago. He speaks some english. He is pretty cool. He is like 40 years old. He made us pancakes the other day!!! He is preparing to get baptized on the 24th of October with his Mom named O. They both were in church and they loved it. They are both progressing pretty nicely. We are still working with the E Family. They aren´t progressing too well because they still have not gotten married but we hope that this week they can finally make all the arrangements to get married. We are hopeing to be able to find many new families to teach this week. I am so grateful for the chance I have to serve in this great part of the world. The people here in Guabo are amazing. They are so humble and happy which is so awesome. I love you all so much and I hope you all have a wonderful wonderful week!! Sorry I don´t have too much time today!

Les Amo!
Elder Duzett

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Conference and Baptisms!!

Hola Familia,

 I hope all is well with everyone. I am so grateful for your emails and all that you always do for me. This week was a great week with conference. There were some great great talks. We were able to see all of conference. We were able to have investigators in every session of conference. It was great. I really loved all of the talks and I felt that they were really trying to prepare us for harder times to come. They shared one of my favorite scriptures many times in Helaman 5 12. If we build our rock on Christ we will be able to withstand everything that comes our way. I know that this is true. I really enjoyed how they spoke in different languages. It was awesome for the people here when they spoke in Spanish. One of them talked about Señor, Yo te Seguiré. It was awesome because he told everyone to say yes to the commitments of the missionaries. It was really a great talk. I loved the talks by Elder Eyring as well. His talk in the Priesthood session was awesome. I also loved Elder Oaks talk. We were also very happy last night because after the afternoon session we had 4 baptisms. And the other missionaries here in Guabo had 2 so we had a baptismal service with 6 baptisms after the conference. It was a great feeling because we also had six different people baptizing. It was really great. Hermana M O got baptized with her two sons. She was so happy. We had three people in the water to help her with her broken back and everything went great. I had the oppurtunity to baptize her. It was a wondeful experience. I really did feel the spirit. I had never seen anyone come out of the water tan tranquilo like she did. We also had hermana N G get baptized. Her family is reactivating and she was very excited as well. It was a wonderful experience and it was awesome to see the Priesthood in accion here in el Guabo because there were about 9 members that used the Priesthood during the service because they also got confirmed there as well due to the conference. It was a pretty great week. We are also hoping to have a couple of baptisms this week with the children of the E Family. Hopefully everything will go well with them. They now have been to church like 6 times so we are very happy about that. Well I love you all so much. I hope you all have a wonderful wonderful week. Mom and Dad I hope you have a great rest of you trip. Be safe! I love you both very much. Thanks for all that you do for me!
 Les Amo!!
 Elder Duzett

All in Spanish!!

I guess Ben is having a hard time with English. Here is his email from September 30. The google translate is below.

Hola Familia,
Muchas gracias por todo sus correos y por su amor y apoyo que recibo cada semana. Estoy muy agradecido por todo lo que hacen para mi cada dia. Estuve muy feliz leyendo una tarjeta de gracias que Ali me mandó en el paquete. Muchas gracias Ali. Ecuador si es uno de los mejores paises en el mundo si no el Mejor! Estoy muy agradacido a Dios que me ha dado este gran oportunidad a servir aqui en esta parte de su viña. Testifico que esto realmente es la viña del Señor y no es nuestro. Testifico que cuando trabajamos en la manera de el todo sale bien. A veces tratamos a hacer las cosas en nuestro manera y a veces nos impide a veces pero estoy muy agradecido que aun asi nuestro Padre Celestial siempre nos ayuda con las cosas. Hoy dia estaba pensando mucho en la Restauracion del Evangelio por conducto del Profeta José Smith y pude sentir muy fuerte en mi corazon aun mas fuerte que José Smith realmente es un Profeta de Dios. Estoy muy agradecido por eso y se que nosotros podemos ser parte de este gran evangelio y la restauracion de ella cada dia. No hay mas gozo que podemos encontrar que recibimos a poder saber que estos cosas son verdaderos. Por los revelaciones a los profetas hoy en dia y los que recibió el Profeta Jose Smith podemos saber de los cosas marvillosas aqui en esta vida. Estoy muy feliz a poder estar aqui predicando el Evangelio de Jesuscristo. Yo se que es verdadero. Yo se que personos, aun si son duros de corazon, pueden cambiar. Estoy muy feliz por la gran oportunidad que tendremos esta semana a poder escuchar a Dios por medio de sus Profetas. Vamos a trabajar durisimo en esta semana para poder llevar todos a esta conferencia para poder escuchar las palabras de los profetas. Esperamos a ver los milagros de Dios para poder ver muchos recibir una respuesta de esta Resauracion durante esta conferencia. Hay una escritura que me gusta mucho que estaba leyendo esta semana. Se encuentra en Mosiah 3 13. Aqui explica que cuando escuchamos a los profetas podemos recibir un gozo sumamente grande aun si Jesucristo estuviera hablando con nosotros. Yo se que esto es verdadero y por la oportunidad que tenemos para tener esta gozo esta semana. Amo a cada uno de ustedes. Esta semana esperemos a tener algunos bautimos, tal vez hermana miriam se bautice esta semana porque y a ido a la iglesia 3 veces. Esta muy animada ella. Estamos muy agradecido a Dios por la ayuda que recibimos en encontrar ella. Ella nos hablo una dia en la calle. Le invitamos a la iglesia y despues no pudimos encontrarle y casi olvidamos de ella pero 3 semanas despues ella llegó a la capilla sola. Estoy muy agradecido por esto milagro.
That is so awesome Dad that you work with him. Father Tanner is definately one of my heroes. Thanks for all that you guys do for me. You guys are my heroes. I love you all so much!!! Lo siento todo esta en español pero ingles esta un poco mas dificil entonces, lo siento!
Les Amo Bastante! 
Elder Duzett

Hello Family

Thank you very much for all your emails and for your love and support I receive each week. I am very grateful for all you do for me every day. I was very happy reading a thank you card that Ali sent me the package. Thank you very much Ali. If Ecuador is one of the best countries in the world if not the Best! I am very agradacido God has given me this great opportunity to serve here in this part of His vineyard. I testify that this really is the Lord's vineyard and not ours. I testify that when we work in the way everything goes well. Sometimes we try to do things our way and sometimes prevents us at times but I am still so grateful that Heavenly Father always helps us with things. Today day I was thinking a lot about the Restoration of the gospel through the Prophet Joseph Smith and I feel very strong in my heart even stronger that Joseph Smith is truly a prophet of God. I am very grateful for that and we can be part of this great gospel and the restoration of it every day. No more joy we can find that we receive to know that these things are true. By the revelations to prophets today and received by the Prophet Joseph Smith marvillosas can know of things here in this life. I am very happy to be here preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I know it's true. I know personos, even if they are hard of heart, can change. I am very happy for the opportunity this week we'll be able to listen to God through His Prophets. We will work very hard this week to bring all this conference to hear the words of the prophets. We hope to see the miracles of God to see many receive a response from this Resauracion during this conference. There is a scripture that I really like I was reading this week. It is found in Mosiah 3 13 Here explains that when we listen to the prophets can receive exceedingly great joy, even if Jesus were talking to us. I know this is true and the opportunity we have to have this joy this week. I love each of you. This week we hope to have some bautimos perhaps sister miriam be baptized this week because I went to church 3 times. She is very lively. We are very grateful to God for the help we received in finding her. She told us a day in the street. We invite you to church and then we could not find him and almost forget it but three weeks later she came to the chapel alone. I am very grateful for this miracle.

That is so awesome that you 'Dad Work with him. Father Tanner is definately one of my heroes. Thanks for all that you guys do for me. You guys are my heroes. I love you all so much !!! Sorry everything is in Spanish but English is a little more difficult then, sorry!

I Love Pretty!
Elder Duzett

Monday, September 22, 2014

The 18th Miracle

Hola Familia,
 Muchas Gracias por sus correos y por el amor y apoyo que me dan día a día. We are very grateful this week because we were able to have a baptism. Hermana T E got baptized on Friday and confirmed on Sunday. Unfortunatly Hermana B had to go to Guayaquil and now she has lost her desires to get baptized. We will see what happens this week. We told here to pray and ask Heavenly Father what she should do so we are praying that she will pray and get an answer. This week we also had a great experience with an investigator named Hermana M O. She is a single mother with three sons ages 15 13 and 6. She has been to church 2 times now and went to the baptismal service on Friday. She loved it and can´t wait to get baptized. She is getting baptized on the 11 of October. Yesterday we watched the John Tanner movie with her and it was a great expience because after she told us that she had been in an accident like a year ago where she broke her back and she can´t move her back too much if not the doctors say her back may break again. She said she was wondering how she was going to get baptized but when she saw how John Tanner had the faith to overcome his medical problem with his leg and get baptized she told us that it gave her the strength and she said she knows she will be able to bend her back the day of her baptism. It was a great example to faith. It was really so amazing. She came up with the answer for her self. It was amazing. She really helped my faith grow as well. She is great. We are also making progress with the E Family because the whole family went to the baptism of T. It was the first time they were all together in the church. El hermano E said he felt excelente in the baptism. We are going to try to push them a little harder this week so they will get married. They can´t really progress too much until they get married. Once they are married the Mom and the two kids can get baptized until Hermano finds a new job where he does not have to work on sundays. We are praying that he will find a new job. They really are a great family. We are praying that they can progress and overcome any challenge. This week we are hoping to find some more families and do a better job in commit the investigators that we have now to come to church. We had many that did not make it to church this week so we have got to go back to the drawing board and fix the problems. We are happy to see progress here in El Guabo. hermano G V got a calling this week as a Ward Missionary. He is pretty awesome. He takes us to go get the investigators in his truck sunday mornings. He is a great help to us. I am so grateful for all the help we receive from the members here in El Guabo. I am so grateful for what I have learned about La Obra del Señor. Yo se que el Señor siempre prepara el camino para que sus hijos pueden cumplir con los mandamientos como dice en 1 Nefi 3 7 y se que el Señor trabaja por medio de muchas personas para efectuar su obra. He visto esto mucho aqui en el Guabo y con Hermano V
. I am so grateful for all that you guys do for my. I am so happy and grateful because tonight I will be sleeping on new sheets!!!! Thanks so so much for the package. I love you all so much. I hope you have a wonderful wonderful week.
 Con Mucho Amor Elder Duzett

 La  Familia Encalada

Hermana Miriam Ordoñez

Monday, September 15, 2014

Teaching Families!

Hola Familia, 

Esta semana ha sido una semana muy bueno. Pudimos trabajar mas esta semana y fue muy bueno. Estoy muy agradecido por lo que estoy aprendiendo con mi compañero. Somos 6 misioneros ahora en el Guabo cual es excelente. Esta rama esta progresando mucho. De esto estoy muy agradecido. 

This week we are very excited to have 2 baptisms. We have 2 young women one named B Z. Here uncle is a returned missionary that is a little inactive due to work but she is very excited for her baptism. The other is T E. She lives with a family that we are teaching. The Family E. She is basically their daughter but it is really Hermano E sister but they raised her. We are waiting for the couple to get married then the mom and kids are going to get baptized. We are excited in the progress of them. We have a couple of other families that we are teaching right now that are really great people. 

Thank you all so much for all that you do for me. Thank you so much for you emails. Thanks for you love and support. I feel it every day. I am so grateful for this time that I have had here in Guabo. It is a great time serving here. I am so grateful for the members here that really help out in the work. They really are awesome. Well I hope that all is well with everyone. Thanks for the updates on everyone. Wish them all good luck from me. It is pretty amazing how the small and simple things can change ones lives. I know that the scripture that says for small and simple things realiza los grandes is true. Thank you for all you do for me. I hope you all have a wonderful wonderful week. Siempre Feliz!!! through all things! I love you all!!

Con Amor
Elder Duzett

Monday, September 8, 2014

Greetings from Guabo

Hola Familia,

I hope that all are doing great today. I hope all are happy. Today in Guabo is a holiday. It is the fiestas del Guabo. Pretty crazy but it is all good. This week we had to do a bunch of work changing houses and moving stuff becasue 2 sister missionaries are coming here to Guabo and they are going to live in our old house so we had to move a whole bunch of stuff but it was all good. We were very excited because we had a baptism on friday. M Tr got baptized. She is the daughter of a family that is coming back to church. We were excited for that. Everything went pretty great with that. Sunday was pretty crazy because there was a big parade here in Guabo at the same time as church and all the students had to march in the parade so it made things a little dificult. We were able to have a family in Church. The E family. They are pretty awesome. Their kids go to school in Machala so they did not have to go to the parade. There are progressing pretty well but the husband has to stop working on sundays and they need to get married but they have the desires to do so which is awesome. We are also hoping to have a baptism this week of una Hermana named B Z. Her uncle is a returned missionary. She also needs to commit to stop working on Sundays so if she can do that she can get baptized this week. She has been to church 3 times but goes to work after so we will so what we can do with her this week. I know that Heavenly Father will help her make the dicision that she needs to make. This week we are excited to get back to work and keep looking for more people. I am hopeing to be able to find some more families. We are working to make Guabo a ward and not just a branch but we need priesthood. It is our goal this week to priesthood to be able to help the branch reach its goals. Guabo really is a great place with great people. I am so grateful for the oppurtunity that I have to be working here. I hope that we can do a better job to help these great people. Thank you all so much for the great example you guys are to me. We have a couple that we are teaching named A B y Ol Ts. They have many dificulties in their family are marriage. I am so grateful for all that I have learned from you guys about families and couples to be able to try to help them overcome their problems. Thank you so much for all that you guys do for me. I love you all so much!!!! 

Will, Thank you so much for being to best brother anyone could ever ask for. You were definately an answer to a little boys prayers a long time ago, well not too long ago just about 15 years but thanks bud. I hope you have a wonderful wonderful birthday tomorrow. Thanks for being such a great example to me!! Have a wonderful wonderful day. Love ya man!!!!!!

Well I love you all so much and I hope you all have a wonderful wonderful week!!! Love you all a ton!!! 

Con Mucho amor
Elder Duzett

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Bananas and Iguanas!!

Hola Familia, 

Estoy muy feliz a escuchar que todos estén bien. Esta semana fue muy interesante por tuvimos muchas cosas muy buenas pasar con nuestros investigadores pero también tuvieron grandes desafíos justo Domingo en la mañana. Perecía que nuestro mundo estaba cayendo. Tuvimos un milagro porque después que hermana Esperanza Moran había dicho que no iba a poder ir a la iglesia, llegó solo a la iglesia. Ella es muy bueno y esta progresando mucho. Solo tuvimos a 3 investigadores en la Iglesia esta semana entonces tenemos mucho trabajo que hacer. 

Well I am so glad that all are well there. The familia Garcia Moran are coming along well but she had some problems with her kids this week, but we are glad because she went to church to try to help her solve her problems. That was great. We were able to find many great great people this week but we are trying hard so that they will progress. I hope that they can put there trust in God through their hard times. I know that many times when we have trials Heavenly Father is testing us. I could feel that greatly this week. That also we have the chance to get better and grow through our trials and errors. I know that is true. I know that if we put our trust in Heavnely Father everything will work out in the end if we work our best. I hope that this week we can improve and have a great week and see our investigators progress. I know that we will. I am grateful for my companion and his excitement. It keeps me excited which is awesome. I am so grateful for all that I can learn from him. 

Today we had a great day because we went a visited a banana farm and a member here gave us a tour. It was super awesome to see and to learn about all that they do to send and grow the bananas. We went to a Del Monte farm which was pretty sweet. It is amazing all that happens to the bananas before we get them yellow in the stores in the U.S. There really is so much work that goes into them. It was sweet. 

This week Gerardo received the Aaronic Priesthood. It was a sweet experience. He really has changed which is really amazing. I know that there is great power in the Atonement of Christ and that people really do change and grow and develop. I have seen this greatly in him. 

Well I am so grateful for all of you guys and I hope you all have a wonderful wonderful week. Thank you so much for your love and support. I got like 6 dearelder letters this week that were really great. Thank you all so much for that. I love you all so much!! 

Con Mucho Amor,
Elder Duzett

At The Banana Plantation

At The Banana Plantation

Family Night with the Branch

The Iguana Park

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Hola  Familia,

Como Estan? Espero que todo esta bien con todos. Espero que todos están disfrutando sus estudios y trabajos.  Estamos muy bein aqui en el Guabo. Estamos muy felices por que Sabado tuvimos el bautismo de Hermano G y ayer tuvimos su confirmacion. Estoy muy agradecido por eso. Muchisismo Gracias por todo lo que hacen para mi. Gracias por sus correos. 

This week we had a pretty great week. We are starting to see a lot more success. We were super happy this week because we were able to find some families that are really amazing to teach. We found a family nemed the G M family. It is a mom with here daughter who is 22 and here son who is almost 17. They are really awesome and really excited to get baptized. They loved church yesterday which is super awesome. We also found some other great families and we are that they keep progressing until baptism. I know that they will be able to. This week we are hoping to find a lot more families and be able to contact the family members of the investigators that we have to find more people to teach. We were super happy to have 11 investigators in church so we have people to work with. It was really amazing as we were able to see the lords hand in everyone of them coming to church. I know that we definately did not bring 11 to church, Heavenly Father brought them because there were many that we could not  make it to see them in time to bring them to church and they just showed up. It was amazing. I know that Heavenly Father is always there to help us and that this work is of the Lord. I am so grateful for this work. 

G's baptism went well. He is pretty awesome. He is super funny. He took us around in his truck to go on visitis yesterday after church. It was awesome! He wants to be a missionary. We are so grateful for him and I have learned from him that faith is what is important and that we should not judge people because when we found him he did not want anything but after teaching for a little bit he accepted everything. It was awesome. I am so grateful for that lesson.                              

Mom thank you for your example, you were a great young womens president, you really taught me how to love a calling and work and worry your hardest in the calling.  Dad thank you so much for your example as well. I love you all so much. 
Well I hope you all have a wonderful wonderful week.  I know that you all will be great. I love you all so much!!!! 

Con Mucho Amor
Elder Duzett

1. Presidente de Rama con Hermano Gerardo
2. Mi compañero y Yo con el Hermano

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Another week in Guabo!!

Hola Familia, 

Lo siento que no tengo mucho tiempo hoy a causa de que vamos a cambiar de casa porque no hay espacio en nuestro casa y tengo que hacer los trabajos del contracto de la nueva casa. (Ben says that he didn't have much time to write because he was working on contracts for a new place to live because the old one was too small.)

Thank you so much for all that you all do for me. My companion and I are excited to be working here. We are very excited to have a baptism this saturday. G V is getting baptized on Saturday at 6. We are super excited. We are still working with the family but hopefully they will follow the example fo their Dad. 

This week we were so happy to have a family of inactives in church who have a daughter that is nine that is not a member. She is also going to get baptized on the 6th of september. Her whole family was there. We were very happy about that. We are trying to help the branch become a ward. They have been a branch for a long time because they need sacerdocio. We are working to try to active the priesthood to help them reach their goals of a ward.

We always walk here. There are not really any bus systems here but it is all good. Walking is good. We have success talking to people as we walk so that is great. I am so grateful for the chance I have to be here. Thank you so much for your great emails. I love you all so much. Have a wonderful week!! Have a great great week in School!!! It should be awesome. Don`t worry too much! Ali and totally forgot to wish you a happy birthday last month!! I am so so so sorry. I hope you had a wonderful day!! I love you all!!

Con Amor
Elder Duzett

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

El Guabo week 2!!

Hola Familia,
 Todo esta bien aqui en Ecuador. Estamos muy felices trabajando aqui en el Guabo. It is a great little town. It is a pretty small town. It is all surrounded by bannana plantations as well as Pasaje. It is pretty close to pasaje. They are pretty similiar just Guabo is a lot smaller. It is pretty awesome. We do live with another companionship. They are pretty great. We are in the Zone El Oro en Machala so we got travel there for meetings! My new companion is pretty awesome. I am so grateful for the oppurtunity that I have to learn from a new missionary that always brings new ideas and new excitement to the mission. I am so grateful for all that I have learned in these past few months. I really don`t know why my companions kept being changed or why I got changed but I know that it comes from our father in heaven. I was excited to keep learning and working in Loja but I am so grateful for the change and the chance I get to learn and to study and really focus on our sector. It is a great chance. I love the mission and all that we learn here in the mission. There are hard days and great days but everyday is a learning day. I guess that is how it has to be here in this world. My favorite talk is Come What May and Love It by Elder Wirthlin. I really do love my new sector and companion. We have a great time. He loves sports as much as I do!! It is a great time! I am so glad that all you are well. I hope that all have a calm and great week. Probably never is calm but that is all good. Thank you all for all that you do for me. For all of your love and support. Thank you so much for the fotos and the testimony Mom. When we slept in the temple they one of the workers gave it to me. It was pretty awesome. Thank you so much Ali for your efforts there!! I love you all so much. Have a wonderful wonderful week. We have and investigator named G V. He is pretty great. he has come to church two times now and is super excited to get baptised. He even took us out to eat cow foot soup! Excelente!!!!!!!! bueno mas o menos! Well that is pretty much all that went down this week. This week we are ready to explode El Guabo!! Gracias por todo. Les Amo!!
 Con Mucho Amor Elder Duzett

 Sorry I haven´t taken any fotos. these are tacos in Loja!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

A Move to El Guabo!!

Hola Familia, 
Sounds like everything is going great there. That sounds like it should be a great week there at the cabin. That sounds relaxing. These week has been a pretty great week. Last monday after I wrote to you guys I got transfered!!!! I am now in a little town called Guabo! I am training a brand new missionary!!! His name is Elder Willes! He is from Portland, Oregon! He loves bball!! Excelente!! I am so happy to be here working in  Guabo. It is a branch. We are opening up a new sector! There have only been 2 missionaries here before. Now we are 4. This week we had some success. We had two people come to church. We had G V quien tiene una fecha bautismal para el 30 de Agosto. He is like 50 and his wife is member from a long time ago but super inactive! He really loved church. We should have a good week of lessons with. I am so grateful for the chance I have to be with a new missionary. On tuesday morning I got to do a session in the temple and we also slept in the temple on tuesday night. We then got here to  Guabo on wednesday. Pretty crazy but pretty awesome! It is pretty great to not have as much stress as before but I am so grateful for all that I could learn in the last 6 months. I am so grateful for the time I have left in the mission and I hope to be able to make the best of It. I know that this church is true and that Joseph Smith was a Prophet of God. I am so grateful for the chance that I have to share that with other people here in Ecuador. Thank you all for all that you do for me. Thanks for all your Prayers and support. I love you all so much!! Have a great time there at the Cabin. 

Con mucho mucho Amor
Elder Duzett

Monday, July 28, 2014

A Normal P-Day, and Some Pictures, Finally!!!

Hola Familia, 
I am very happy today to have a normal pday!!! I am so grateful to hear from you guys and all that is going on there at home. Sounds like you had a pretty great week full of many exciting things. This week we had a pretty exciting week as well because we had a Zone Conference with President Torres. It was a pretty great conference. He took all the missionaries to a museum here in Loja. It was pretty awesome. We then had the asistents with us during the week. It was pretty fun they stayed with us in our house. It was a pretty busy week. We did not have much time to work in our sector but this week I know that it willl be better. THis week we are super excited to be able to help the zone improve and to improve our sector. We now have a new Branch president who is super awesome. I am so grateful for that. As for why I have had so many different companions I am not completely sure. All of the reasons were because they were needed in other parts. But it is all good. Don´t worry I have not had fights with companions or anything like that just weird changes I guess. But I am enjoying my new companion. From Mexico is pretty awesome. The city of Loja is pretty awesome. I am so grateful to be here. I am so grateful for the great people of this city. This week we are going to have a bunch of success. Well I hope all is well there in SLC. I am so sad to hear about the Ponds babies. THanks for giving them your love. Well it is pretty crazy that Spencer is now home. It is kind of weird. Well I love you all so much. I hope you all have a wonderful wonderful week.!!
Love, Elder Duzett

With Elder Castro Making tuna sandwiches in the back of the bus.

A Rainbow from his apartment

The mountains of Zamora

The Bridge in Zamora

Crossing a bridge in Zamora

A Tarantula outside his apartment, eso!!

All from a museum in Loja that President Torres took them to.

All the missionaries in Loja that arrived March 12