Tuesday, November 26, 2013

So Grateful For Our Missionary!!

Hola Familia!!!! Como Esta? I hope that all is well. I did not have changes and neither did my companion Elder Bohorquez. Elder Condori did not either but his companion did. We also got two more missionaries in Azogues. Elder Condori now lives in Cañar! We have a new new new missionary in our house from Washington and sometimes I have to translate which means my english might be a little better this week. It is thanksgiving!!!!! That is pretty crazy. 40 people!!!! Saludos a todos!!!!!!!! I hope it is a great day!!! Ali went to Denver, that is pretty cool!! I am grateful for all of your testimonies and all that you guys do for me. I am so grateful for the oppurtunity that I have to be serving a mission here in Ecuador. I hope that I can keep improving as a missionary in all aspects of the mission. Sometimes I find myself falling well short but I know that with the help of our Heavenly Father I can be better and we can reach our goals. I am so grateful for our Savior Jesus Christ. I feel so blessed that he has called me to be one of his servants!! I try to live up to that calling! I am so grateful for all of our family. I am so grateful for the prophets and there sacrifices that have made for all of us. I am so grateful for our family and that we know we can live forever. Olivia, I wish I could have been there to see the Primary Program. We had the Primary Program here it was awesome!!" We have had a pretty great week. We had a family that just showed up to church because one of thier little daughters had a homework assignment to get to know 4 religions. Sunday was the Primary Program so it was super special. We made a appointment that afternoon to help the daughter with here homework to get to know our religion but we just taught them and now the Mom and the Daughter who is 12 have baptismal dates. Super Awesome!!! Miracles Happen. We are also finding new people that are accepting. I hope we can see more and more families progressing!!! I know that we will have more success here this week!!! I was super happy for that miracle because I was super down before that. We were not having a great week but Heavenly Father is always there to help us. Well that is pretty much everything for the week. Anyways I hope all is well. Have a wonderful thanksgiving!! Say hi to everyone!! I love you all so much and I will talk to all in 1 Month!!! No se precupen!!! I love you all and miss you all!! Les Amo!!! Elder Duzett

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Still in the Mountains!

Hola Familia, como están todos, espero que todos estén muy muy bien. We had a pretty great week this week. We were able to have a baptism on Friday. Unfortunately I could not attend because I was doing 3 baptismal interviews in Cañar. But the baptism went really well. We also were able to activate the mom on the young man that got baptized. I think that she even has a calling now. We are pretty excited for that. We were also able to bring 7 people to church but unfortunately those 7 do not want to progress. We have not heard anything about changes so far and so I don´t think we will be changed. Which is actually good. I just want to explode this ward with lots of great families, we just need to find them. I know they are here we just have to find them. The Stake Conference was pretty good. The Temple President spoke and President Torres gave a great great talk! Then we heard from Elder Calderon a Seventy from Colombia. It was pretty great. This stake is huge. They need to devide it. There are 2 missionaries in our stake at home, here in this stake of Cuenca there are like 40 missionaries and more coming, pretty crazy. Thanks for helping out the sisters in our Stake. Here we don´t eat arepas, quiero pero no hay!!!! Here we eat arroz y pollo with mote which is corn that is big and they put it in the soup. It is pretty good. Well I hope that all is well with you guys. We are going to have a great week this week I just know it. I know we are going to find some great, great families. I love you all and I hope that you all have a great week. Good luck with school!!!!! Mom good luck with you new job. I hope all goes super super well. This week I was studying more about the 2,000 stripling warriors. they are super awesome because they put there confianza in the lord and no importaba nada mas. I hope that I can be like them and put todo todo todo mi confianza en el Señor! I am so thankful for the mision and all that I am learning!!! I love you all so much!!!! Con mucho amor Elder Benjamin Duzett

Monday, November 11, 2013

From Our Stripling Warrior!

Hola Familia, Espero que todo esta bien con ustedes. Wow Ali is coming to Ecuador!!! That is going to be pretty awesome. Cuenca is pretty awesome. You will love it there!!! Sounds like you guys had a pretty good week. Wow mom you are going to substitute teach!!! That is pretty crazy. I know that you will be great. I know that is will prepare you for other things to come! We had a pretty good week here!!! We are seeing some miracles! We are going to have a baptism this friday because it is Stake Conference this Sunday! We are super grateful for this baptism. We also had a contact that we had like two weeks ago just showed up to church and accepted a baptismal date super quickly. It was super awesome!!! We also had 4 investigators in church which is not great but it is not bad. I know that this week will be better. Changes are this Sunday so we will see what happens. I am so grateful for the things that I have learned here in Azogues. Too late Dad I am already folding my pajamas and my dirty clothes! This week I have been studying in Alma about the 2000 stripling warriors. They are super awesome. I also gave a talk about them in Sacrament meeting. We can learn a lot from them. I love how the reason that not a single one of them died was for their exact obedience. I know that exact obedience brings miracle to us as well. It also talks alot about preperation. I know that we always need to keep preparing for whatever comes our way!! I know that we are prepared and we will keep preparing. I also was studying in Mosiah 3. It is a great chapter. I love how it says in verse 13, i think, that because we have a prophet we can have so much almost the same as if Christ was here with us. I know that that is true. I know that this church is true and that we have a true prophet. I am so grarteful for that knowledge. I hope that all are well. Saludos a todos en la familia!!!! A todos los abuelos y primos y tios y tias, todos!!!! I love you all so much!!!
Love, Elder Duzett

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Happy Birthday Dad!!

Hola Familia! I hope all is well with you guys! Happy Birthday tomorrow Dad. I just finished reading your letter to Elder Condori. Your español is still pretty amazing. Creo que esta mejor que mio. I hope that you have a wonderful birthday. Sounds like you guys had a pretty good week. It is good to be busy, stressful at times, but it is always good. I am grateful for the mission and all the things I learn. As District Leader I am learning how to keep a super organized notebook. I have learned a lot about how to be more organized! District Leader is cool when I get to do interviews to see if they are ready to be baptized becasue when they are ready it is an awesome experience. This week we had a pretty great week. Unfortunately the baptism of Hermana Maria fell. Someone told her the day before her baptism that we are demons and devils and no se que and now she is scared to even leave here house. I was pretty sad but hopefully she will change her mind. She is super awesome. This week we did find some more awesome people. We were able to have 5 people in church which was pretty awesome. I hope that we will find double or triple the amount of people. I know that it is possible. I know that this is the Lords work and I know that he will help each and every one of us. That is super awesome that our ward is stepping it up. I know that our ward will be stronger. Tell Parker congrats from me and give him my best. Well I hope that you all have a great week. I love you all so much. A verse that I really like is Marcos 10:9. I know that nothing can seperate our family. I hope you all know how much I love each and every one of you. Sigan con fuerza!!!!!! Con Mucho Amor, Elder Duzett