Monday, November 11, 2013

From Our Stripling Warrior!

Hola Familia, Espero que todo esta bien con ustedes. Wow Ali is coming to Ecuador!!! That is going to be pretty awesome. Cuenca is pretty awesome. You will love it there!!! Sounds like you guys had a pretty good week. Wow mom you are going to substitute teach!!! That is pretty crazy. I know that you will be great. I know that is will prepare you for other things to come! We had a pretty good week here!!! We are seeing some miracles! We are going to have a baptism this friday because it is Stake Conference this Sunday! We are super grateful for this baptism. We also had a contact that we had like two weeks ago just showed up to church and accepted a baptismal date super quickly. It was super awesome!!! We also had 4 investigators in church which is not great but it is not bad. I know that this week will be better. Changes are this Sunday so we will see what happens. I am so grateful for the things that I have learned here in Azogues. Too late Dad I am already folding my pajamas and my dirty clothes! This week I have been studying in Alma about the 2000 stripling warriors. They are super awesome. I also gave a talk about them in Sacrament meeting. We can learn a lot from them. I love how the reason that not a single one of them died was for their exact obedience. I know that exact obedience brings miracle to us as well. It also talks alot about preperation. I know that we always need to keep preparing for whatever comes our way!! I know that we are prepared and we will keep preparing. I also was studying in Mosiah 3. It is a great chapter. I love how it says in verse 13, i think, that because we have a prophet we can have so much almost the same as if Christ was here with us. I know that that is true. I know that this church is true and that we have a true prophet. I am so grarteful for that knowledge. I hope that all are well. Saludos a todos en la familia!!!! A todos los abuelos y primos y tios y tias, todos!!!! I love you all so much!!!
Love, Elder Duzett

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