Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Conference and Baptisms!!

Hola Familia,

 I hope all is well with everyone. I am so grateful for your emails and all that you always do for me. This week was a great week with conference. There were some great great talks. We were able to see all of conference. We were able to have investigators in every session of conference. It was great. I really loved all of the talks and I felt that they were really trying to prepare us for harder times to come. They shared one of my favorite scriptures many times in Helaman 5 12. If we build our rock on Christ we will be able to withstand everything that comes our way. I know that this is true. I really enjoyed how they spoke in different languages. It was awesome for the people here when they spoke in Spanish. One of them talked about Señor, Yo te Seguiré. It was awesome because he told everyone to say yes to the commitments of the missionaries. It was really a great talk. I loved the talks by Elder Eyring as well. His talk in the Priesthood session was awesome. I also loved Elder Oaks talk. We were also very happy last night because after the afternoon session we had 4 baptisms. And the other missionaries here in Guabo had 2 so we had a baptismal service with 6 baptisms after the conference. It was a great feeling because we also had six different people baptizing. It was really great. Hermana M O got baptized with her two sons. She was so happy. We had three people in the water to help her with her broken back and everything went great. I had the oppurtunity to baptize her. It was a wondeful experience. I really did feel the spirit. I had never seen anyone come out of the water tan tranquilo like she did. We also had hermana N G get baptized. Her family is reactivating and she was very excited as well. It was a wonderful experience and it was awesome to see the Priesthood in accion here in el Guabo because there were about 9 members that used the Priesthood during the service because they also got confirmed there as well due to the conference. It was a pretty great week. We are also hoping to have a couple of baptisms this week with the children of the E Family. Hopefully everything will go well with them. They now have been to church like 6 times so we are very happy about that. Well I love you all so much. I hope you all have a wonderful wonderful week. Mom and Dad I hope you have a great rest of you trip. Be safe! I love you both very much. Thanks for all that you do for me!
 Les Amo!!
 Elder Duzett

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