Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Back to Guayquil

Hola Familia!!
First off I am so glad that Ali is feeling better. That is super scary. I am sorry Ali that you had to go through that. Sickness is pretty lame but it gives us more spiritually strength when we can get over our trials. That is the great blessing of this life. The trials are the wind that blows our ship to eternal life! Well I hope all are super great this week. I am glad to hear that everyone is keeping busy. We had a pretty busy week here too.
Zona Huancavilca Part 2! 
I got transferred! I am training another new missionary. He is great! His name is Elder Vincent from Pleasant Grove. He is so amazing! He is so excited to share the gospel with everyone that he sees. We are opening a new sector again. We are in the sectore Perimetral! We are in the Zone Huancavilca. I am right next to Las Malvinas and on the other side Santa Monica! Before there were only 2 missionaries here. We are opening it up to 4. It should be great. I know some of the members here from interchanges from when I was in Malvinas. That should make things a little bit easier. We were happy to have an investigator in church on Sunday named G Mz. She is 86 years old but she is so smart. She is great. She loved church. I am excited to be able to work more here in Guayaquil. Hopefuly I can do a much better job this time. I was a little bit sad to leave Guabo to come here but I know that I should not complain. I know that there are great people here that are prepared to listen to the gospel. We just have to work really hard and do our best. My companion  has a wondeful spirit and I know peple will be able to feel it. I am very excited to work along side him. Elder W also got changed. Now there are only 4 missionaries in Guabo but I really am so grateful for the time I got to be with Elder W in Guabo but I know that this time here will be even better. I am so grateful for what we can learn here in the mission. I hope that all are wondeful there back home. I love you all so very much. I hope that you all have wondeful weeks. I will be praying so that everything will be great with you guys. Tell Grandma good luck from me and give her a big hug! Well  pretty much out of time but I love you all so much!!
Con Amor
Elder Duzett


  1. Elder Vincent is my son! :) Awesome!

    1. How exciting!! How is your son doing? Do you have a blog? Do you have any questions for us?

    2. We don't technically have a blog. We monitor and occasionally post on a Facebook page specifically for the Guayaquil missions called "Family and Friends of Ecuador Guayaquil South & North Missionaries".

      Our son has been in Ecuador for 9 days now and Elder Duzett is his first companion so he's pretty new but excited.

      Our first email exchange since he arrived was just this past Monday and it was a bit sporadic. I don't think he got some of our emails sent on Sunday nor some of the responses we sent while he was online but it seemed he was in a hurry as well. Regardless, we need to train him to provide more details :-).

      Speaking on details, I've been trying to figure out from both my son's email and this post where their area is using Google Maps, but I'm not sure I have found it.

      We'll keep monitoring this Blog though...I'm glad I found it!

      Also, if you have any tips on sending packages, we are all ears. We are considering using http://www.globalmissionshipping.com/ to send a Christmas package but haven't yet attempted to send anything.


  2. We usually look up the zone on "Find a Meeting House" in LDS.org, but this morning it was down for maintenance. We have sent all of Ben's packages through the US Postal service. He has gotten all of them intact. I think they take about two weeks to get to Ecuador but sometimes longer to get to them to the missionary, depending where in the mission they are. I always send only 4 pounds and then they don't have to pay customs on their end. I am putting my packages in the mail this week.

    We would like to have your family up for a family night. Let us know if that would work for you.

    We are used to very few details and are just hoping Ben has kept a good journal. We never email back and forth. It seems that they never have much time for that. We usually get our emails around 4 or 5. Last week was the earliest we have gotten our email.

  3. Lara, do you send flat mailers or boxes thru the mail? And do you keep them in the 3lb range or 4 lb range? This momma is stressing....

  4. Oh, I can I wrap packages inside the package? Or do they need them open to look at?

  5. I have sent both boxes and flat mailers, like the big padded envelopes. I did wrap the things inside last year. I take my package to the post office unsealed so that I can add stuff until it is as close to 4 lbs as possible! I am sure it drives every one else in line nuts, but oh well!! Good luck!!