Monday, July 28, 2014

A Normal P-Day, and Some Pictures, Finally!!!

Hola Familia, 
I am very happy today to have a normal pday!!! I am so grateful to hear from you guys and all that is going on there at home. Sounds like you had a pretty great week full of many exciting things. This week we had a pretty exciting week as well because we had a Zone Conference with President Torres. It was a pretty great conference. He took all the missionaries to a museum here in Loja. It was pretty awesome. We then had the asistents with us during the week. It was pretty fun they stayed with us in our house. It was a pretty busy week. We did not have much time to work in our sector but this week I know that it willl be better. THis week we are super excited to be able to help the zone improve and to improve our sector. We now have a new Branch president who is super awesome. I am so grateful for that. As for why I have had so many different companions I am not completely sure. All of the reasons were because they were needed in other parts. But it is all good. Don´t worry I have not had fights with companions or anything like that just weird changes I guess. But I am enjoying my new companion. From Mexico is pretty awesome. The city of Loja is pretty awesome. I am so grateful to be here. I am so grateful for the great people of this city. This week we are going to have a bunch of success. Well I hope all is well there in SLC. I am so sad to hear about the Ponds babies. THanks for giving them your love. Well it is pretty crazy that Spencer is now home. It is kind of weird. Well I love you all so much. I hope you all have a wonderful wonderful week.!!
Love, Elder Duzett

With Elder Castro Making tuna sandwiches in the back of the bus.

A Rainbow from his apartment

The mountains of Zamora

The Bridge in Zamora

Crossing a bridge in Zamora

A Tarantula outside his apartment, eso!!

All from a museum in Loja that President Torres took them to.

All the missionaries in Loja that arrived March 12

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