Monday, June 2, 2014

Welcome Elder Oaks!!

Hola Familia, Espero que todos esten muy muy bien!! This week has been better! We did a division with the Asistants and it was pretty good to be with one of them for a day. We were able to work hard and help others in there sectors in our zone. I am also learning more about how to do a good verificacion!! Es chevere. This week we are happy because we brought a family of inactives to church that had not been to church in a while and they enjoyed it. We are also happy to have V R in church. He has now been to church 3 times and we are hoping to have him get baptized this week. It should be a great great week because Elder Oaks is coming this week. I am super excited, I really hope they dont change me between now and sunday. But there are changes today so who knows!! Wow Glen Muscle is getting baptized. That is sooooo awesome. Tell him congrats from me. Does he live in our ward or where is he living now. That is so awesome that he is getting baptized. That vacation sounds super super awesome. This week has been great because I have been eating fruits and cream oatmeal for breakfast!!!!! Full rico!!!! I only have recieved one of the packages so Elder Condori will keep his eye out but I think he is getting changed. He may be off to Galapagos, but we will see. That is what he told me but he may be joking!! Well this week should be a great week. It sounds like all of you are keeping busy. That is good. Tennis is pretty sweet and a good summer sport!!! Well I hope you all have a wonderful week. I love you all so very much. Telll all the fam Hi from me!! I was studying in Acts this week in Chapter 26 when Pablo converts the King Agripa in small time. It is super sweet how anyone can accept the gospel for just a little effort. It was pretty sweet. Well Have a wonderfull week Love you all so so much!! Con Amor, Elder Duzett

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