Sunday, June 22, 2014

Title of Liberty and Fotos!!!

Hola Familia!!!!! Feliz Dia de Padre Papa!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you had a wonderful day. It sounds like it was pretty cool up there in Oregon!! Dia de Padre was pretty crazy here as Ecuador was playing!! We could hear all of the screaming and cheering form inside the Church which did not help things but it is all good. The people here are so great. They love Ecaudor which I think is really awesome. They are very proud of their country!! It is awesome. We were able to have a pretty good week. I have been feeling a lot better which was great this week. We could work like crazy again!!!! I have been learning a lot about follow up and the importance of it. I was also very happy to receive my other package and a whole bunch of Dear Elder Letters. It was really awesome. I love the DearElder letters. I am so grateful for all of your love and support. We are still working hard here in Malvinas!! The ward has its struggles but it is a great place. I am happy to be here and to learn from everyone here. Everyperson that we meet has something that we can learn from them. We have the responsibility to find out and learn what that is. That has helped me out here in the ward. This week I was reading in Alma 45 when Alma is talking to his son and I love when he talks about how if we believe in Christ or if we have faith and we are obedient we are going to prosper in the land. I think that is great insight into our lives. If we have faith and obey, God does the rest! I know that to be true. We also did something different this week with the Zone. We read the Title of Liberty and we made our own title of Liberty tie, where we wrote what we are going to defend on the back. It is pretty awesome. We are going to pass it around the Zone. It is kind of and ugly tie but it is all good. It will remind them throughout the day of what they are going to defend. Well I hope you all have a wonderful vacation. Have some fun for me. Tell everyone hi for me!!! I love you all so much!!

Con Mucho Amor,
Elder Duzett

Go Utes!!
Mucha Lluvia!!!  ( A lot of Rain!!!)
Title of Liberty Tie!!

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