Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A New Companion!!

Hola Familia, 

First of all Congrats on the anniversary Mom and Dad. That is soooo awesome!!! I hope it was great. Sounds like you guys had a wonderful vacation. I am so grateful to hear that. This week was a crazy week. The craziest part was that my companion got changed. He went to Cuenca. My new companion is Elder Westover from payson utah!! He was sick and had to go home to get better and he got back to the mission two weeks ago. He is pretty awesome. He is a great example. He is so humble and has a great spirit. We are working hard here in the zone and stake to try to get the stake more excited about the work. We had a good meeting with the stake president yesterday. It was pretty awesome. We talked about goal setting. It is something that we learn here in the mission. We have to learn how to set goals and how to accomplish them. We had a few changes in the zone that are turning out to be a little tough but we are working through it. This week we are going to make good plans to help the zone go up! This week we did not see to much success in our ward but this week I know that with my new companion and his spirit we are going to have fullllll exito!!! This week is going to be great. President Torres is coming to our Zone Meeting on tuesday that I am in charge of so that is kind of stressfull but it is all good. We are going to plan it out like crazy so that everything turns out great. I am learning mucho about plans and really how important they are. It has also been crazy with mundial. The world cup. Friday there was wo much noise that it was hard to sleep, but it is all good. It was hard lessons during the game but we kept trying to find people but it is a bit tough. We just have to baptize all the people that dont like soccer this month!!! Yellowstone Sounds awesome. All good for me!!! That is crazy that Ali is coming here in two weeks. I am so excited for her. She will meet some amazing people in Cuenca. It is a wonderful place. I am so grateful for the time I got to spend in Azogues. It was awesome. Ali will have a great great time!! With the packages I got I think I am doing pretty amazing!! If it is not to big of a trouble I would like a new pair of bed sheets, that do have the elastic fitted for a twin bed. If it is too big of a hastle dont worry about it. Well I love you all so much. I hope you all have a wonderful wonderful week. Hope you all keep having a great summer. Dad thank you so much for the work you do for our family. Thank you mom and Dad for you love and support!!! All that you do for the fam!! Love you all so much!!! Con mucho mucho amor!!
Elder Duzett

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