Monday, January 27, 2014

A Week of Miracles!! One Year In the Mission!!

Hola Familia!!!! This week was pretty great!!!! We were able to see many miracles this week. The miracles started Monday after writing. Elder Barney and I went to visit the Dacto Family to get the paperwork of the Baptisms signed and such and when we got there the whole family was there. Joel is one of the grandkids that did not get baptized last week because he did not have permission from his mom! When we got there Joel and his parents and everyone was there. We started talking a little bit and after a little bit we started talking about the Baptism. The spirit was super super strong it was amazing. And then Papí Segundo (Hermano Segundo but he told us to call him papí) bore his testimony. When the spirit was so strong the mom could not say no, so Joel got permission to get baptized, then right after one of the sons of Hermano Segundo, well basically adopted son, he lives with them and everything and is super awesome. His name is Walter. He was married to one of their daughters but she left him and they took him in as their son, said he wanted to get baptized too on saturday. We had not really taught him much because he works in the mine but he had gone to church two times and did not really want to get baptized before, he always told us not now later, but with the spirit he said that he wanted to get baptized with Joel saturday. So we were going to have 1 baptism on Saturday but it turns out we had 3!!!!!!!! It was an amazing week. Then yesterday my companion and I had another amazing, amazing experience. We went to visit the Dacto family again because we are working with Hermana Janina, the Mom of Wesley and the Legal guardian of almost all of the other young men that got baptized last week. When we got there only Walter and Hermana Janina who is the Daughter of Hermano Segundo and Hermana Dacto. So we told her we wanted to watch a video with her. We sat and watched all of the youth videos in the Stand Ye in Holy Places video. She loved the video with the young women walking to the temple. We talked about temples and eternal families, the spirit was unreal. Hermana Janina had not wanted to accept to get baptized before but through that video she gladly excepted to get baptized on the 8th of Feb. We are so happy. It was an absolutely wonderful experience. I am so grateful for all that I get feel on my mission. This week we are going to have 1 baptism. Here name is Madeleine Polacia. She is 15 and her dad is a member but in Guayaquil. We found her contacting. She is super awesome and has a great testimony. The young womens president has helped us out greatly with her as she already acts like just another of the young women. It is super awesome. We are excited to keep working and working to find more and more people. Well my companion is super super awesome. Top notch. He is humble and hard working and super tall!!! It is super fun we are working pretty great together, we put some pretty high goals this week but I know that we will be able to acomplish them.

Well I hope you all had a great week. With these experiences my testimony has grown stronger of eternal famlies. I know that we can be together forever. Esta bien porque todovia somos una familia. A young man said that in one of the youth videos. I loved it. I know that Grandpa is still helpin me out everyday. He is teaching me how to build, (missionary programs)!!!! Pretty sweet. Well I hope that everyone is doing amazing. Mom to answer your questions we do the training out of a manual named My First 12 Weeks which is a great program that uses Preach My Gospel to train. Well we do walk quite a bit because the Dacto Family lives pretty far a way but it is all good!!! It is super awesome. Well I love you all greatly greatly!!! I pray for you all often!!!! I hope all have a great week. Congrats to Heather!!! Everybody must runnin wild up there with all them babies but sounds pretty great to me!!! Well I love you all Greatly!!!! Today we studied the story of the 2000 stripling worriors but at a different angle. We talked about how they worked in unity with the other armies of Moroni and how nothing would not have worked without this unity. It was pretty awesome. I know that we have to work in unity to get the things done that we need to in this life. I am so grateful for the Unity that our family has. It is my greatest blessing!! Love You all!!
Elder Duzett



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