Monday, December 2, 2013

Pizza for Thanksgiving!!

Hola Familia, Espero que tuvieron una Thanksgiving cheverisismo!! We had a pretty good week. We were not able to see to much success this week but I know that the Lord will help us extemely this week. I know that this is the work of Lord. The family that we had last week did not come to church because they were in Cuenca but we have a family night planned with them for tuesday. We are going to watch a church video. I know that we will be blessed by the Lord with his spirit so than can continue to progress!! Sounds like you guys had a prety good week and thanksgiving. We celebrated thanksgiving here to en la noche porque tenemos 2 gringos en nuestro departamento! We bought a giant pizza for the night! It was pretty awesome!!! We had a pretty good time. I was in CaƱar on tuesday with Elder Condori. It was pretty great. We were able to save three baptisms that got baptized on Saturday. It was pretty awesome. This week they are starting to celebrate Christmas. They put up trees thoughout the city. There is one right out side of our apartment. It is pretty awesome. I have not heard of any more tradicions yet but it will be interesting to learn about them. I do know that they eat Turkey on Christmas. Maybe we will get some pavo!!!! This week we hope to find the people that are ready to here the gospel. They are hiding pretty well but we will find them, they can not hide forever!! I know that this week will be better. I thank all of you for your wonderful examples that you guys give to me everyday. I hope that you guys have a wonderful week!! We aregoing to have a great week I just know it!!! I miss you all but I know I am in the right place!! have a wonderful week!! Love, Elder Duzett
 here are some sweet fotos!!

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