Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Hola Familia, How are you all. Sounds like you all had a great week! We had a pretty great week here in Pasaje! We were able to bring 8 investigators to church which was pretty awesome. Our investigator Andres came to church and shared his testimony about the Book of Mormon with everyone that he met. It was pretty awesome. He also told everybody that he is going to get baptized on the 28th. We are super excited for that! We hope to be able to help the others with baptismal dates. We will see! The rama had 80 in attendence which is awesome. They had 50 two weeks ago. We are working with a lot of great inactives who are really great. They are progressing a lot. We are really excited for them. My companion is  in his 11th week which means he has two weeks of training left but he is super smart as a misionary which is really great. We are working really hard to be able to have more success. Hopefully that zls will have my packages tomorrow in the district meeting but we will see. We were able to have a great week because we had a Christmas Devocional on friday. President put together a devocional with a group of missionaries with musical talents travel to all the stakes and districts to do a devocional. There were three hermanas that sang one that played the violin and an elder that played the flute and an elder that sang. The funny part is that one of them was singing was Hermana Whitmore and the Hermana that played the Violin was Hermana Murri which was super weird seeing them but it was cool. We also recieved a christmas gift from President which was super awesome. We had a pretty great week. We are hoping to have a better week the next week. When I went to Guayaquil I just got to see a little bit of Downtown in the night from the bus but it was super awesome. Downtown is on a port which is pretty cool. Go UTES!!!! Hopefully they will be able to keep it up! Anyways I love you all so much and I miss you all greatly. I hope that you all have a wonderful, wonderful week!! Oh and the other great news is that we get to Skype for 1 hour!!!!! We can Skype the 24th or the 25th but both of those days we have to be inside our houses at 6 p.m because it can be dangerous. But I am excited!!! I will try to let you know all the details next week but if there is a time that is better for you guys let me know! I will see what we can do!! Anyways have a wonderful, wonderful week. I love you all!! Feliz Navidad!!!!!
Les Amo,
Elder Duzett

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