Monday, September 2, 2013

Greetings From Azogues!!

Hola Familia,
Wow that is amazing news!!!! That is so awesome. That is huge news. And now the house is looking sweet and we are living in it! I have some pretty sweet news also. I got changed to the city of Azogues. It is like an hour higher than Cuenca. My new companion is named Elder CompaƱeda. He is from Otavalo. Chevere no. Our sector is huge. The hymn Ill go where you want me to go definately applies. We have to go up and over mountains like every day. It is awesome. Today I don´t have much time because we went to see some ruins here in a small town named Cujitamba. They were super sweet. They are opening up a bunch of news places here. It is super awesome. We also had a baptism here on Saturday. We baptised the daughter of a nonactive family and we are trying to activate them. Well sorry I am basically out of time but anyways I love you all so much. I will right you guys more in a letter. I hope that you all have a great. week. A scripture to read is when Abraham was called to sacrifice his son Isaac.
Love you all so much!!
Love, Elder Duzett



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  1. What a gorgeous area, Jesse loved being in a large sector they get to sightsee a little bit and enjoy so much more. Jesse just got transferred too. He loved Cuenca because it felt like home! (not too hot) Elder Duzett will love it there!