Monday, April 1, 2013

Santa Monica Ward - Semana Santa

Hola Familia!
It has been a pretty good week. Easter here is pretty crazy. Semana Santa means fill up your kidie pools, sit in them all day, and drink a ton of alcohol! It is kind of crazy. I have not found out a way to send you guys letters. We don´t have permission to go where there is a post office so I don´t know if I will be able to send you guys written letters. I may have a member take it to the post office for me. The pouch here is also just one way. People can send letters to Ecuador but they don´t send a pouch from here. It is kind of half of a pouch. So I looks like email is the option, Sorry!!!! Ecuador is pretty awesome. I am finally getting used to the climate and the food. Yesterday we had sheperds pie with tuna. It was actually way good. My stomach has grown since I´ve been here. Elder Hoskins is pretty great, we have a good time. Today we built a tower out of Dasani Water Bottles Because we have a ton of them. It is kind of funny. I also got my scripture cases I had made. They are super cool. I will definately be having those for the rest of my life. The spanish is coming along pretty great. I am understanding more and more every week. Dad, thanks for the update on the mission president. President Montalti is really cool. He is strict but it is good because that keeps the numbers up and obedient missionaries. We actually has a surprise visit from him this week at a District meeting. He is a really cool guy. He calls me gringito because I am a skinny white kid. But he is really cool. I think the reason he jokes with me and Elder Hoskins is he has trust in us. That is awesome you guys went to Bluff, I am a bit jealous. When I get back I would like to go to Yellowstone that Summer with Grandpa Bill and them. That just sounds really fun right now. I have a lot of great memories of there and all of our family vacations that I can feed on whenever I need a pick me up. The photo last week was taken in a home of a less active member. They had a giant el Libro de Mormon. It was pretty sweet. I will get to watch the 2 Sunday sessions of conference this Sunday. We hope to get a lot of investigators to attend those sessions. It will be Awesome. I still don´t have my primera baptism but I´m sure once they hear the prophet speak it will be Game Over! Anyways I miss all of you a lot but the mission is definiately worth it. It is a lot of fun. I love you all greatly, and have a wonderful week.
Love, Elder Benjamin Berg Duzett
Saturday's Church News included the Bio of Ben's new Mission President:

Maxsimo C Torres, 53, and Blanca Teresa Santamarina Torres, six children, El Llano Branch, Roswell New Mexico Stake: Ecuador Guayaquil South Mission. Brother Torres serves as a counselor in a mission presidency and is a former counselor in a stake presidency, high councilor, stake auditor, bishop, counselor in a branch presidency and missionary in the Colombia Bogota Mission. Chief medical officer, La Casa Family Health Center. Born in Salinas, Calif., to Domingo and Julia C Torres.

Sister Torres serves as a stake and ward YSA adviser, and is a former ward Young Women president, ward Primary president, counselor in a ward Relief Society presidency, seminary teacher and missionary in the California Los Angeles Mission. Born in Matanzas, Cuba, to Everardo and Matalide Labandera Santamarina.
 Some pictures from Ben for the week.  Looks like he is seeing some sun.


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