Monday, April 8, 2013

Time is Flying by... Well Sort of

Hola Familia,
Thank you all for the wonderful emails. It was so exciting to hear from Maren and Andy today. That is so awesome they are leaving on their missions. They will both be great!!!! Conference was hard to understand in spanish and we were trying to help investigators get to the conference so we did not get to watch too much of it but it was still great to see the parts I did. We will also be getting the Liahona and we can watch them online during pday so it is all good. I definately felt that connection to you guys to during the conference. It was awesome to see Salt Lake. I saw Jannesa's Dad in the choir. It was definately a piece of home. I am definately getting more used to the things here. The mission is definately full of crazy experiences. It is definatley fun, hard but definately worth it. Michigan and Louisville huh, well Go MICHIGAN!!! They are going to take it. It is amazing how time flies in the mission. It seems like the day I left was just yesterday I already have 2 months and a week in the mission. It is pretty crazy. What's more crazy is Spencer has what 8 or 9 months. He is almost halfway done. Crazy!! This week was a pretty good week. We are working really hard to try to get the work going better here. It will pick up. We made some sweet anouncements for conference they were sweet. Anyways, I love you all tons and tons. I miss you all so much. That is the hardest part of the mission.
Love, Elder Benjamin Berg Duzett

Part of an email Ben sent to Will:

Thank you so much for the email. I love to hear from you. The Santa Monica ward is pretty awesome. It is great to be here helping these people out and helping the ward grow. We usually get breakfast and lunch and dinner is rare. It is all good though because lunch is always gianormous. Don't worry about school it will be over before you know it. Sometimes we have to do things we don't want to do but it's best to just go with it and always be happy. That is excited about the tourney. Go MICHIGAN!!!!!

Part of an email Ben sent to Olivia:

Hey Olivia, I did get your letter and I absolutely loved those scriptures (3Nephi 12: 1-12). I just got that letter this week. It was awesome. I actually gave that section of scripitures to some investigators to read because I loved it so much. Way to go on winning the tournament. You can win one more time before I will be back to win. Just kidding I always pick with my heart and lose.
Here are the pictures he sent this week, some are the scripture cases he had made:


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  1. I just love the scripture cases the missionaries have made down there! They are gorgeous!!! He sounds great!!! Thanks for your kind words and prayers about Elder McCammon!