Monday, April 15, 2013

Just another day in Santa Monica...

Buenas tardes mi familia!!!
Today I will write more! I had more people to email back last week so sorry if it was short. Santa Monica is pretty cool. We have a good time here. It seems like it was just yesterday it was last monday. The mission is very hard and in the moment may seem like time is standing still but really the time flies by. It is crazy I have already been out in the field for a whole month. And have been out for almost one eighth of my mission. It is crazy. My life is pretty normal, as a missionary is concerned. A lot of missionaries in my Zone are sick including my companion but they just gave him a bunch of pills and a shot and we were right back out to work. This week one afternoon Elder Hoskins and I went on splits with some members in the ward. Elder Hoskins went to teach out appointments while I went to contact an area that we had never contacted before and where no members live. I found a pretty cool family there. La Familia Alban. The family is a Mother with her two kids, who are both 8 or older. She is living alone with her kids and her nephew who is 18 and, he speaks English because he lived in the U.S for three years. It is pretty amazing to be able to find someone who speaks English for so long after not hearing anyone speak it for some time. The family is pretty cool and sincerely interested. They ask a lot of questions, which is great.   Testimony meeting is different here. Everybody shares their testimony. I shared my testimony which was a little tough because I was a little nervous and I had to speak spanish.
We may have a Baptism this saturday. A couple has a date for this saturday. They are a cool family. The couple and their one daughter who is like two years old. They are cool. I am excited for them.
There is one food that I have found I really like here. They take verdes or big green plantanes and they basically make fries or chips out of them. They are delicious. We cooked them for lunch today.
Anyways thank you guys so much for you love and support. I could not do it with out you guys. I love you all soo much and I miss you all greatly. I hope that you all have a good week.
One scripture to take a look at this week is Ether 12. 17.
Love you all greatly!!!!!!
Love Elder Benjamin Berg Duzett
p.s The last picture is a shelf that Elder Hoskins y yo construimos con cardboard.
I bet that is the really good Coke!

I am glad he is keeping up on his remodeling skills!!

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