Wednesday, February 13, 2013

February 5th - Week One in Peru

Ben sent various emails to the family today. Thank you for your prayers for Ben. Please continue to pray for him. I have combined his emails for you to read ( I will put explanations in parentheses) . . .
(To Will) Will, I miss you man. You are an amazing brother. The MTC is a hard life to live but it is fun. My companion and my luggage arrived on Saturday which was awesome. I wish I could have gone to your games. The food is not that great. It is the same thing for every meal. Anyways I’m pretty much out of time but I love you so much. I hope that you are having a great day. Tell Ali and Olivia how much I love them. Love you so much, Love Elder Benjamin Duzett
(To Todd and family) Buenos Dias, Padre. Como estas? That news is so exciting. Those mission calls are awesome. (In my email to him I told him about some of his friend’s mission calls) I hope they know what they are getting into because it certainly is not easy, whatsoever. My p-day is Tuesday which means we get to go out today. I am sooooo excited. Sometimes I feel like I am in prison. My companion is Elder Stanley he is awesome. (I met Elder Stanley at the airport when he missed the flight before Ben ever met him) He is a great companion. I am so blessed to have been assigned to him. The food here is not great. I cannot wait to get out into the field already. There are practically no Americans here which is tough. There are a bunch of Latin elders throwing up and I get super nervous at night that I am going to get sick. But It is all good. I will just put my best foot forward and not give up. I have had many spiritual experiences here in the MTC already which is awesome. I can definitely feel all of your prayers. I am so thankful for your prayers. I am almost out of time so read Moms email too. I love you sooooo much Dad. It gives me comfort that you have done this too. I will talk to you in two weeks.( I think he means next Tuesday in his email) Love you so much, miss you!!! And please tell Ali and Olivia how much I love them. Tell Ali the story that is in Moms email. The power of prayers definitely is verdadero. Adios.
(To Lara) Hi, Mom, I love you so much!! Tuesday is my p-day. The MTC is a very hard. Well tons of missionaries are sick down here, throwing up which gives me anxiety. The food is not the greatest, we eat the exact same thing for every meal. Chicken with rice. Every American gets super sick of the food. The first week was definitely hard. My companion is Elder Stanley. He is awesome. Best companion I could have gotten for sure. He is super super nice. Sometimes I get nervous here but it is all good. We learn Spanish and the gospel all day long except for when we are teaching investigators. Sometimes I get sick of all the schooling but I already love pday. We get to go outside the MTC today to go to the store. I am sooooo excited for that. Anyways even through the hard times the spirit here is awesome. I have had so many spiritual experiences. One night I was lying in bed feeling sick to my stomach because every American’s stomach hurts because of the change in food and scenery and I prayed and I just had the strongest feeling that Ali was praying for me at that moment and I felt so comforted. Anyways I am running out of time so I love you so much Mom!!!!!! And I will talk to you next Tuesday!!

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