Tuesday, February 19, 2013

February 19 - Week 3 Peru

Hi there family!!!! I do not have much time so I will just send one email to the family. I have sent you two actual letters. I hope they get to you. I get your letters every thursday. I love them so much and love reading them throughout the week. I am doing great here. The new elders are pretty awesome. I still miss the old group of latin missionaries though. They were such loving people. I got to go to the temple today and go through a session. Last week I actually did sealings because there were problems with the temple. When we went in they said they did not have tickets for us. We said we had called. But they said no so we just went to the distribution center. Then fifteen minutes later, fifteen minutes until the session a man comes running in saying they found our tickets. So we run back to the temple, Elder Stanley and another elder get names then they say no to us, they started the session. So me and another Elder had to go do sealings instead. It was all good though. I bought a Llama tie and a tie with the Ecuador Temple on it and one with the Peru temple on it. I also picked one up for Will and Dad that have the Guayaquil Temple on it, they are sweet. How are you guys doing? Dad, how is the job search? Dad, one of my teachers actually served in the Caracas, Venezuela Mission. He is like 23. He is pretty awesome. He was wondering what areas you served in! We play a ton of fĂștbol here. It is pretty fun most of the time. Except when they dont pass to you because you are a gringo which is the case with this new set of missionaries. A lot more competitive than the last set. My new roomates are pretty awesome though. When we sent to the temple today they split us up into two groups to go with the new group of North Americans. There are like 25 new American missionaries. The zone leaders were in the other group so I was in charge of our whole group as we went to the temple. It was pretty crazy because the bus was packed. The new Elders did not know what hit them when they stepped out into the real world. It was pretty funny. Last night was pretty awesome. One of the district of new North american elders were having a hard time. They asked Elder Stanley and I to help give them all blessings it was awesome. Two of them actually asked me to do it. One in particular named Elder Manning was extra special. He has been having a hard time fitting in. He asked me to do it. In his blessing I told him the veil was thin and that those who love him walk before him. After he was crying and he said that meant a lot because he had lost his Dad. It was crazy. This church is sooo true. I am so grateful for it. I love you guys so much and I am so grateful for you love and support. Olivia thank you so much for you message. I love you so much. I miss you guys so much. Love Elder Benjamin Duzett

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