Wednesday, February 13, 2013

February 12 - Week 2 in Peru

Hello Family!!!!
I will just send you guys one email to save time but thanks to all of you for your wonderful emails and support. I get the DEARELDER letters about four days after you send them. Keep sending them they are awesome. I havent gotten any written letters if you sent them if that is what you guys were refering by pouch letters. I just wrote you guys a letter on Sunday and it was supposed to go out on monday but I just looked in the mail and I think it is still in there so who knows. I am doing pretty well!! The food is still pretty gross but esta bien. That is the phrase I use for everything. It is actually a pretty good motto. If anything is going wrong I can just say, esta bien. Which pretty much means everything is alright!! My district consisted of five elders including me and one hermana. We are the first Elders to come straight to Peru from America in Church history. We are the first in a new program. It is pretty sweet. I have been called to be the District Leader.  Today is Pday and we do get to go to the temple. I am sooo excited. Pdays are the best because we get out of prison. Last saturday I got to prosyliting. It was pretty awesome. It was pretty hectic and one guy tried to bible bash with me and well I could only say what I know how to say which was, Yo se que el libro de mormon is verdadero. Yo se que cuando usted lee un libro, puedo saber el libro y la iglesia es verdadero tambien. Which just means I know the Book the Mormon is true and I know that you can read it and know it is true too. When you get my letter it will have more in it. Dad, way to go on putting that b-board in. It probably looks better than if I had done it. The spanish is going pretty good and while prosyliting I actually did all the talking with one of the investigators. But who knows if he actually understood what I was saying. We study all day here. It gets pretty crazy. Today it has been sad because all of the other missionaries left for the missions. District 112 or 4 elders 1 hermana is all thats left. I have met incredible people. Elder Casanova and Elder Mallea were Elder Stanley and I roomates. They are awesome. Elder Casanover want Elder Stanley and I to be his best men at his wedding. Anyways I love you guys all so much and I miss you soo much!!!!! I hope you all are safe and happy!! I am sending pictures!!!!!
You can email Ben at:  (he can only email his immediate family so he may not respond to your email)
Or you can send a letter through the pouch:  Write a letter on a single sheet of paper, fold it in thirds, tape it closed, and address and stamp it directly on the outside of the paper.  He will be in the Peru MTC until March 12, so don't send letters to Peru after March 1.  Then you can send them to the Ecuador pouch.
The Pouch address is:
Elder Benjamin Duzett
Peru MTC
POB 30150
Salt Lake City, UT  84130-0150
After March 1:
Elder Benjamin Duzett
Ecuador Guayaquil South Mission
POB 30150
Salt Lake City, UT  84130-0150
Or (probably the easiest way to get a letter to him)  go to there are simple instructions for sending letters.  When you send through the pouch it is free.  He is getting these letters.  I know he would love to hear from you!!  Just pick the Peru MTC for now.
Here are some pictures!! Yay!! Doesn't he look Happy!!

The Lima Peru Temple


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