Monday, March 10, 2014

Answers to Prayers!!

Hola Familia, Sounds like you all are doing pretty well. Sounds like everybody is keeping pretty busy. This week was pretty crazy. It was super weird being in the house for so long. Then on Thursday we spent most of the day in Guayaquil because I had to go renew my Visa. It is all good I am legal for a while now. We traveled six hours in bus which is not to awesome but it was all good. I got to see Elder Condori for a second. The office, that is pretty sweet. Now if I need something from the office it will be all good. This week unfortunately we did not have to much success. The family that we are teaching was unable to come to Church. Their Grandma got sick and had to do something for her but it is all good. They are going next week and the two daughters are ready to get baptized on the 22nd of March. We did have a pretty cool story from this week. On Saturday night we were teaching a lesson in a part of our sector that is a little out of the city and a little dangerous when all the power in all of the state when out!! It was super super dark. We started walking back to our apartment and it was super dark and we did not know what to do. We walked off the road a little bit and we said a prayer. Five seconds later a Police truck pulls up to us and said that it was dangerous to be there because the power was out and that they would take us home so the Police drove us home. It was awesome. It is so awesome how fast Heavenly Father answers prayers. We were able to get home perfectly safe!! Other than that not very much happened this week. We did get a new Branch President. The old one was released and they called a new one. Hermano A Z recieved the Melquisedec Priesthood and got called to be the branch mission leader. We are super excited to be working with him to help others come unto Christ. He is super excited about his calling and we gave him a preach my gospel book and I am sure he will read it super fast. I am so grateful for all that Heavenly Father does in his work. I know that this is his work. I know that Heavenly Father is working super super hard for each and every one of us so that we can do what is right and be happy. This morning I was reading in DyC 108 v.7. I like that verse a lot. We should also do what would strengthen other people. I know that that is true and that with little bits of kindness we can change hearts. I am so grateful for all that you guys do for me. I am so grateful the opportunity that I have to be here on the mission. I love you all and I hope that you all have a great week. Olivia, I hope that you have a wonderful wonderful birthday. I am so grateful for you and the opportunity that I have to be your brother. It really is a privilegio. I hope that all goes super well with school and with everything. Keep on doing what is right and all will be well. I love you so much!! ¡Feliz CumpleaƱos!!!! I love you all so much and I hope you all have a wonderful week in all of you endeavors!! Gracias por todo que hace para mi!! Les Amo Elder Duzett

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