Monday, June 17, 2013

Working in the Lilian Maria Ward

Hola Familia!!!
Happy Fathers Day Dad!! I am glad to hear that everything is well with you guys. Machala is pretty awesome. We are still trying to create a program here in the ward Lilian Maria but we will have more success this week I know it. The airport next to the chapel, well l don´t know the last time it has ever been used. It is just super long stretch of dirt. I guess you could say it is abandoned. Machala is part of the South Mission so I think I will be staying here in the south. The south mission didn´t really loose too many sectors. The North mission lost more. But we should be getting the new mission president here in the next couple of weeks. We will have to see what happens with that. Our sector is pretty big and there are some cool places in it. Dad I am glad that that bench finally got done. That's cool that Ali gets to be part of Special Needs. That should be super fun. They are are always so awesome to be around. Well this week not really much happened. President came to do closing interviews but I had already had mine so just said hi to President but every time he tells me to send his best regards to Dad, I guess that's how I would say what he says in  Spanish in English. Anways I miss you all so much but I am so glad to be here the mission is awesome. I am having a great time. WE cooked some pretty good burgers today. Anways, love you all so much!
Love, Elder Duzett

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