Monday, June 24, 2013

Saying Goodbye to President Montalti

Hola Familia,
Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!!! Thank you for being such good parents and for being so strong in the gospel. Out here on the mission we see a bunch of people that have problems because they aren´t married. It also is a problem because they can´t get baptized. We have an investigator that her husband, boyfriend whatever he is, he is a member, but a member that isn´t doing very great things with his life. He doesn´t actually want to marry her which causes a whole lot of problems for us. So thank you so much for being such great examples for me. I got Olivia’s dearelder online article. Thanks Olivia. Olivia, Te amo mucho tambien!!!! Sorry for not writing very much. Last week I didn´t have very much time. We don´t have much time sometimes. This past week was alright. We had the closing conference with President Montalti. It was kind of weird to be saying goodbye to your mission president because he is leaving. We didn´t find too many investigators this week. We need to find more. I need to find more people to help. I guess Heavenly Father is just testing my patience. The other Elders in our sector had a baptism this week. I actually put the Baptismal date with him his first week in church but it was the investigator of the Hermanas but then they got changed and they brought in Elders so it was their baptism. It was still awesome to see him get baptized. His name is Luis Alvorado. He is pretty cool. This week we will have to find more people though. We will see how things happen next week because we will have a new mission president next week. This past week nothing much really happened. I still haven´t gotten my package. I am actually still waiting for a bunch of dearelder letters. I guess that is how things go out here in Machala. But could you guys send me a flash drive with church music on it? The music that was on the music player I had. My flashdrive with the music from elder hoskins broke, I don´t know how but it did, so I am once again without music but if you guys could send me the church music that would be super super awesome. Thanks!!!! Anyways, thank you guys so much for all the love and support. I hope that you have a great week. Will don´t worry about your haircut. I got one today too, except another Elder cut it, Elder Madrid from Argentina. He is one of the other Elders in our sector. Well I love you all and miss you all greatly.
Love, Elder Benjamin Berg Duzett

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