Monday, June 10, 2013

1st Transfer - Off to Machala, Banana Capital of the World!!

Hola from Machala!!! So the news for the week is I had transfers! I am now in a city called Machala!!! My new companion is Elder O´Neill. Yes I am still with a gringo. I think I am ready for a latino but esta bien. He is from Wisconsin. He has around 21 months in the mission so he is almost done. He is pretty cool and has a lot of experience in the mission so it should be good to learn from him. Elder Hoskins is still in Santa Monica, bless his heart, he is training again too. It was great to have him as a companion he is a way cool guy. My new ward is called Lilian Maria but our sector is Lilian Maria 2. We are opening up a new sector which is always a tough job. There were already sister missionaries here but now there are them and us. This meant we got a completely new house and the house is super sweet. We have a full size fridge. Yes a fridge and a microwave. It is pretty awesome. I wish I could have been there to help with the roof. It sounds like it was a fun time. Because I am in Machala I may not receive my package for a little bit longer now because the Zone Leaders have to go to the office to get it which is like 3 and a half hours away. Machala is super cool. I think I could actually live here for longer than just my mission. The ward is really strong. That should be good for the success here. To answer your question Mom about if I have given any more blessing the answer is definitely, yes. I have helped or given a blessing almost every week of my mission. It is pretty cool. At first it was hard to do it in Spanish but now I am pretty sure I have it in Spanish. I am still working on my Spanish but it is getting better. Because we are opening up this sector we still don`t have investigators yet but we will find them. We have found some families that we can visit. Anyways the mission is still awesome. The time definitely flies by. I can`t believe that next month my mission is already 1/4 over. It is crazy. Anyways, I know that this Church is true and that what I am doing is what I need to be doing. I love you all soooo much and miss you greatly but I would not have it any other way. One scripture to take a look at is Alma 40 for this week. Not on a sad note but on a rejoicing note of course. Anyways I love you all greatly!!!!!!

Love Elder Benjamin Berg Duzett

 P.S These photos were with families from my old sector.

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