Monday, May 19, 2014

Working Hard!!

Hola Familia!!!! Muchas gracias por el correo!!!! This week was a pretty great week. We are super happy to have are two baptisms on Saturday!!! Satan fought hard but they are great they were able to get over every challenge. They went to church alone before we went to get them for their confirmations. They have strong testimonies of the Restoration which is super awesome which helped them be able to get over many problems. Hermana B had some guy yelling at her for like an hour telling her not to get baptized!!! It did not even affect her because she knew it is true. We also had a good week finding new investigatros. We were able to have 7 people in church and 6 have a baptismal date!! We have a baptism this week. Her name is M P. She is twelve and she comes to church by herself and already pays tithing which is awesome!!! She really wants to get baptized. We are working with her family but her parents are not married so we have more work to do there. We also had a family named the family M come to church. It is a mom with her daughter who is 20 and her son who is 22. They are pretty cool. They have a many problems in their lives and they really need the gospel. We are super excited for this family. We also have another family named the Family R. The dad and son came to church this week. The son is 14 and has a baptismal date and he is a super athletic black kid!! but he is super humble and a great kid. His name is V. We are excited for the investigators that we have!! We need to find many more this week. It was great to get to talk to you all Monday. It was great to see your faces. It is weird how the time is flying by but we´ll keep giving it our all as a family. It should be great!!!! I am feeling much better now. I did not really have any side effects from the medicine that they gave me so all good!!! Well I love all of you so much!! I am so grateful to have such a wondeful family. I am learning so much about the importance of family here in the mission I love you all and hope that you all have a wonderful wonderful week!! Con mucho mucho amor!! Elder Duzett

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